Loyalty program Baylabel

For every PLN 5.00 spent, you will receive 1 BLB point. BLB points will be credited to your account after we have credited the payment for the order and shipped the order. If the sum of the invoice for the order changes, e.g. due to the return of part of the order, your account will be credited with the number of BLB points obtained for the final order amount.

Earn points for every order you place

5 zł = 1 punkt BLB

Use the collected points – choose your gift

Regulations of the loyalty program

The BLB points program rewards our regular customers. The rules for collecting BLB points, redeeming gifts and the general rules of the Program are set out below:
1. Participation in the Program
Registered customers of baylabel.pl are entitled to participate in the Program. Participation is free.
2. BLB points
2.1. General provisions
The basis for calculating BLB points is the value of the order. BLB points are credited to the customer’s account and can only be used for the purpose stated in the Program Terms and Conditions for BLB points. The value and number of BLB points cannot be converted into cash. The number of points collected can be checked after logging into your account on baylabel.pl
2.2. Accumulating BLB points
The BLB points are saved in the customer’s account automatically after the payment for the placed order has been received and the order has been shipped. The value of the BLB points earned depends on the value of the order placed. For every PLN 5 spent, the customer will receive 1 BLB point (excluding shipping costs). BLB points may be awarded in an unusual way for some promotional campaigns.
2.3. Disabling the possibility of collecting BLB points
In one calendar year, a customer’s account can save up to 10,000 BLB points. Once this value is reached, no further BLB points will be credited to the customer’s account until the end of the calendar year. If a baylabel.pl customer places an order using different customer accounts (registered to different e-mail addresses), points are collected on the accounts from which the purchase was made. BLB points cannot be transferred between accounts.
2.5. BLB points expiration
BLB points are valid and available for 12 months from the date they are awarded.
3. Redeeming Bonus for BLB Points
3.1. General provisions
Each participant of the BLB Points Program can convert their BLB Points into a gift as long as they have sufficient BLB Points in their account. Gifts can only be redeemed as part of a standard order with a minimum value of PLN 25.
3.2. Conditions for the implementation of the bonus
Gift availability is subject to stock availability. There may be occasions when certain gifts are unavailable during a certain period of time.
3.3 Shipment of a gift
The gift will be added to the order. If baylabel.pl delivers a damaged product provided as a gift, please contact us – we will arrange a replacement at our expense.
4. Other provisions
4.1. Termination of the Program BLB points
We reserve the right to terminate the Program with BLB points or replace it with another program.
4.2. Changes and additions
We reserve the right to amend or supplement the terms and conditions, gifts and other BLB processes described in the terms and conditions of participation. Changes or additions to these terms of participation will be published on the baylabel.pl website
Status: 04/06/2020