The company was established out of love for design and pets, by students of pattern design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.


Each pet is exceptional and unique and deserves that its qualities be underlined for everybody to see. In today’s world, overwhelmed by mass production, people persistently seek solutions which will help them stand out in the crowd. All the more an individualist studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. Not being able to find anything which would live up to my expectations, I started to sew accessories for my pets, which got better and better, and when I got some practice in sewing, I began to put my accessories up for sale at some charity markets, to aid my friends at the Animal Foundation Arkadia. They liked the accessories very much and since there had been a lot of orders, we created a separate website for them, continuing
to support animal foundations.


Design studies inspired us to innovate and develop constantly. We have plenty of ideas and talent to put them to use. We sew accessories which are not only stylish but also durable and adjusted to the anatomy of pets.

In addition, we get involved in many charity initiatives; you can follow our activities at our Facebook page.

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